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“One of the best”

One of the best French gastronomic restaurants in town with cheap lunch set and great food. You should try.

The New Hanoian, August 19, 2010


“High class French cuisine”

After 2 weeks travelling throughout Vietnam we ended our holiday with an excellent meal.
 We started with beef Carpaccio and shrimp bisque – both of which were full of flavor and beautifully presented. Main courses of crab lasagna and lamb shank quickly followed once again cooked extremely well. For desserts we both had the chocolate fondant which although fairly rich was to die for. Yes the food is very expensive vs. other restaurants in Vietnam but worth it – if only you get food this good so cheaply in Europe/U.S. Excellent meal over all.

Trip Advisor, August 13, 2010


“I don’t get to this restaurant often enough”

The experience is always a treat when I do make it there. Today, lunch for two ran me 500,000 vnd. We each had the carrot salad as the starter and mains of lasagna and pork ribs. The entire meal was excellent and intensely flavorful. I found the portions perfectly sized, but having either just the starter or main wouldn’t have been sufficient. 

Service was attentive when needed (bill was brought within seconds of the request, the chef came around to greet us and to check how we liked the food) and discreet the rest of the time. 

I ate downstairs outside and it was fine.

The New Hanoian, early August, 2010


“Le meilleur restaurant de Hanoi: la fusion des raffinements vietnamiens et français”

Vous ne serez jamais déçus à La Badiane. Que vous soyez touristes de passage ou résidents au Vietnam, vous vous régalerez autant avec les Set Lunch abordables et varies qu’avec la Carte ou les menus Diner Dégustation. Produits locaux de qualité, finement arranges et délicatement présentés. Service correct, sous l’œil attentionne du Chef Benjamin et de ses associes Tony et Minh, toujours prêts a vous éclairer sur un plat. Je resterai définitivement inconditionnel des Lasagnes de tomates fraiches au pesto, du Carpaccio de bœuf à la pistache et de la Mousse de fromage blanc au riz souffle.

Trip Advisor, July 29, 2010


“Clever, innovative and wonderfully tasty”

Frankly, we were otherwise disappointed with the food in Hanoi, and feel a little ashamed that the best meal we had (by a country mile) was at La Badiane.
We like our food, and whilst we do have a soft spot for French in particular, we are always keen to ensure we get a « taste » of the countries we visit. The most exciting thing about La Badiane was the creative local influences the Chef includes in each of his dishes to just give a small reminder of where you are: a dash of dill in the curried prawn ravioli, or a kumquat and ginger relish that utterly brought to life the chocolate fondant. We spent a good length of time discussing with the chef his influences and concepts, and whilst he will win no prizes for modesty, it is not without reason. His food in any Western capital city around the world would win awards… and come at 3-4 times the price.
Our next trip to Vietnam will begin in Hanoi, only to give us an excuse to go back to La Badiane.

Trip Advisor, July 19, 2010


“Une très grande table à Hanoi”

Que dire quand tout y est? Fraîcheur des produits, présentation toujours exceptionnelle des mets, mélange de saveurs, accueil chaleureux dans un cadre de rêve. Bravo, La Badiane est un petit coin de paradis pour la gastronomie à Hanoi.

Trip Advisor, July 15, 2010


“We fly into Hanoi once a year and target Chef Bens great menu”

Great to hear others love La Badiane, for us its a place we cant wait to get back to. Chef Benjamin and his staff make an big effort in giving you a fantastic experience We are flying in next month… set lunch menus are a must and like come back for your evening meal

Trip Advisor, June 6, 2010


“When you decide you need a change from yummy cheap street food, come here”

Very good here, definitely high end for Vietnam (and NY and SF for that matter). More $$ then most restaurants in Hanoi, but less expensive than US prices for sure. 

We had the 4-amuse bouche starter, each served in a tall shotglass (note: it is more than 1 bite per starter so you can share if you want just a taste). The bacon-apple was our number 1 pick. 

The duck confit was fall off the bone good, and the steak (rare) might be the best steak I’ve tasted (even in comparison to Peter Luger’s, and Ruth’s Chris). Melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Trip Advisor, May 19, 2010


“Excellent food at a reasonable price”

During a three-week trip to Vietnam I wanted a break from Vietnamese food (which I love) and picked La Badiane based on a guidebook I have. I found it to be one of the best restaurants I’ve eaten in – ever – and given I am a New Yorker I know good food. Spent some time with the chef who is delight and thoroughly enjoyed the 3-course prix fixed meal. Can you spend less (a lot less) elsewhere in Hanoi? No doubt but a meal for USD$30 at this quality I found to be a real bargin (and treat) compared to NYC.

Trip Advisor, April 29, 2010


“Dollar for dollar, the BEST restaurant meal I’ve ever had”

I’m so glad my girlfriend and I chose this restaurant for our last night in Hanoi. The food was absolutely outstanding, the service was wonderful, and the atmosphere was wonderful – we could just as easily have been in a back street in Paris in the spring.
 We ordered the gustation menu (D585,000 or so?), and the wide selection of entrees, mains and desserts – around 10 dishes per course – was a welcome change from a lot of the ‘set menu’ options which are fairly limiting.
 The food itself was extraordinary, with an incredible selection of flavors and obvious care and quality in both the preparation and presentation. Each dish presented as a work or art, and yet the portion sizes were generous – an unusual combination in a fancy restaurant (where often the plate is art at the expense of food).

The wine list was fairly extensive, and like in all Vietnam, fairly pricey compared to cocktails and the like, it was still nothing more expensive than we’d pay back home in Australia.
 This was quite possibly the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had – and without a doubt, for the price (around US$30 per person), it is the best I’ve ever had – anywhere in the world.

Trip Advisor, April 9, 2010


“Wonderful service and excellent food”

After reading a recent review in a Sydney newspaper we booked dinner at this restaurant. What a wonderful way to spend our last night in Hanoi. Dare I say the food was on a par or even better than the meal at the Metropole. We were surprised to hear that tourists only represent 10% of the clientele at the restaurant – so travellers seeking a fine dining experience check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Trip Advisor, March 25, 2010


“Very nice and well worth the visit”

We only had 2 nights in Hanoi, so we decided to make our only ‘fancy’ dining experience here and we were not disappointed in fact, we were delighted. The seafood pasta was fabulous and the wine selection was fantastic. We sat downstairs and dressed very casual, but not with shorts and sandals. Great time for sure.

Trip Advisor, March 21, 2010


“Best food I have ever had”

La Badiane is an absolute delight. I love Vietnamese food but this was a welcome change & possibly the best restaurant meal we have ever had (better than Guillame in Sydney that was our previous no.1). The staff is all incredibly polite the chef is a very pleasant & approachable person willing to accept feedback on how to better tailor things for an Aussie market.

Trip Advisor, March 12, 2010


“They’ve got it right”

After reading through the NY Times about Hanoi restaurants, I decided to try La Badiane. I was not disappointed. Everything was delicious. Shrimp ravioli had a nice crunch, the lamb was cooked just right and don’t get me started on the chocolate desert. All in all, a great place to splurge ($30 per person) for an outstanding dinner.

Trip Advisor, March 10, 2010


“Exquisite! Every course amazed and left us drooling”

As much as we’re tempted to keep this one a secret, this place is well worth sharing. we followed the recommendations on trip advisor which were glowing, and we were not disappointed. This is one of the best meals we’ve ever tasted and much cheaper than we could expect to pay in Australia with much less stuffy airs and graces. Definitely one to try in Hanoi for a special night out!

Trip Advisor, February 3, 2010


“Great Indochine restaurant”

We booked this restaurant on the strength of their review in the Luxx Guide, and we weren’t disappointed. 
Its located in a villa on a small side street – the taxi driver found it easily enough. Its a very nice atmosphere when you walk in. We were directed upstairs which seems to be more formal than the semi outdoors area downstairs. The pre dinner cocktails and the wines are all great. The food presentation is excellent, and the service is attentive and friendly. 
I would highly recommend the place for a relaxing and quiet dinner.

Trip Advisor, January 14, 2010


“New-York Times” daily newspaper

It’s a little gem in Hanoi. I am a former NYC resident now an expat in Vietnam for 3-years. La Badiane is, on balance, the most satisfying restaurant experience we have found in the city. The menu is not large, but what they do they do exceptionally well. Great food, attentive service, relaxed, and elegant ambiance. Chef Benjamin will come to your table with genuine interest in what you thought of the meal.

NY Times, November 24, 2009


“Le Petit Futé” (guide touristique)

A proximité de la gare, dans une rue discrète, bonne adresse où officie un chef français qui apparie des saveurs culinaires venues d’horizons différents. On appréciera « les grandes assiettes » consacrées aux fruits de mer ou aux grillades.

Le Petit Futé, novembre, 2009


“LA BADIANE, inspiration occidentale”

Trois garçons dans le vent ont ouvert dans une jolie villa ce restaurant d’inspiration occidentale. Ben, le chef, est totalement français, Antony, le directeur de salle, un quart corse et trois quarts vietnamien, Minh, le gestionnaire, de parents vietnamiens, tous ont grandi en France et les deux derniers sont biculturels. Cela donne un mélange harmonieux et dynamique. Benjamin concocte une cuisine française bien dans l’air du temps, mais en employant au maximum des produits locaux, ce qui forcément oriente sa cuisine vers un léger exotisme qui ravit les touristes ; les saveurs bien de chez nous permettent aux expatriés de s’offrir un grand coup de nostalgie gourmande, particulièrement avec le tartare de bœuf. Une cour jardin pleine de plantes et loin du bruit de la rue donne envie de s’attarder au déjeuner comme à la nuit tombée.

Agnès Lascève, journaliste gastronomique,
Prix du Journaliste des Gastronomades 2005.

“Exquisite cuisine”

We were encouraged to visit La Badiane for lunch after reading positive reviews on this site. We had the set Lunch Menu for around US$10 which included an entree, main & dessert. So impressed were we with the food and the relaxed, stylish atmosphere that we went back two nights later for dinner, bringing two other couples with us, after raving to them about the food.

Yes, compared to the usual Vietnamese fare, it is on the pricey side. (The set dinner menu cost US$29 for a three-course meal). But « expensive » is a term relative to your environs. Expensive by Vietnamese standards perhaps, but let’s be real. It’s a French restaurant with top-notch food. By Western standards we would be paying an arm & a leg for anything remotely similar back home!

It was unanimously decided that La Badiane was the culinary highlight of the whole group’s trip. We are back home in Australia now and we are still talking about it!

Trip Advisor, November 16, 2009


“Really great place to take lunch”

La Badiane in center of Hanoi. Really reasonable price for this kind of food. Great atmosphere with French and Vietnamese staffs. Place where you can meet the French community in Hanoi. I will just say enjoy the food!

Trip Advisor, October 30, 2009


“A special note for vegetarians!”

The lunch menu lasagna is incredible. You can order it for dinner as well. More of a layer pasta salad- chilled light thin flat pasta, fresh tomato and incredible mixed greens, goat cheese… need I say more? One of the finer, subtle vegetarian plates I’ve had in a very long time. Highly recommended!

The New Hanoian, October, 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

“Best dining experience”

We wanted to have a very nice dinner in the city and we decided on Le Badiane. We were not disappointed, the food was simply exquisite. My son kept trying to figure out the ingredients that went into the dishes. The staff was friendly and efficient and the chef came out to explain to my son what went into it. Overall, a marvelous evening.

Trip Advisor, October 29, 2009


“Best fusion restaurant in Hanoi”

La Badiane is owned by 3 French partners including 2 chefs (one in the Kitchen, one in the room). This Restaurant serves the best French-Asian fusion cuisine in town. The food is creative … and always tasty. It’s a bit pricey at the end of the meal, but you never regret it.

Trip Advisor, September 3, 2009 – http://www.tripadvisor.com/

“Great food, great setting”

It feels so fresh and so nice to be in a nice and quiet place, a little away from the bustling city and its rushing motorbikes. From its setting you know you will have a good time at La Badiane. The villa was renovated nicely and is now a great spot for romantic dinners or serious business meetings. The food is great and we appreciated the Chef spent time to explain us the ‘carte’. They have several menus to choose from, very French-oriented but the food was great, so was the service. A tad expensive though.

Trip Advisor, August 3, 2009 – http://www.tripadvisor.com/

“Best restaurant in town”

For someone who likes fine flavors, this is definitely the best restaurant in town.

The New Hanoian, August 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

“This is my favorite place in Hanoi”

My wife and I have lived in Hanoi about 3-yrs now doing the expat thing and we think we have covered pretty much all the restaurants out there worth going to. Well, this NYC foodie has nothing but praise for La Badiane. Relaxed, yet elegant ambiance, attentive service and outstanding food which is innovative. This is our favorite place in Hanoi.

The New Hanoian, June 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

“Tantalizing cuisine”

Housed in an art deco French villa in the city center of Hanoi, the new La Badiane is sure to delight. Owned and managed by the famed chef Benjamin Rascalou, the tantalizing cuisine is ‘international’ with a French and Vietnamese touch. La Badiane seats up to 75 people and is highly recommended for individuals, small groups or for special events.

“Exotissimo” Travel Trade, March 9, 2009


“The best meal I’ve ever had, ever”

Nothing to be added to previous posts. I staggered out of here euphoric. Amazing, amazing food, and well worth the price. The lamb, the salmon, the aubergine and the ravioli starters, the wine, the wine, the wine… Lucky the (good) music is quite loud as the filthy moans of pleasure escaping your lips between chews when you eat here could disturb the other diners. Splatter me with « meh’s » or « fails » if you will for my skinny review but there really remains nothing to say apart from this could possibly be the best meal I have ever had. Ever.

The New Hanoian, January 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

“7:30 p.m. – French taste”

From local households to five-star restaurants, Hanoi is a city of superb cooks. A promising newcomer to the scene is La Badiane (10 Nam Ngu Street; +84-4-39-42-45-09), where the Asian-inspired French cuisine that emerges from the kitchen is the work of Benjamin Rascalou, an acclaimed local chef. The restaurant is housed in an old, white-shuttered colonial villa with hand-painted silk chandeliers, earth-toned décor and intimate individual dining rooms.

International Herald Tribune, April 4-5, 2009


“I’ll go back, there’s more on the menu I want to try”

Needing to find a French restaurant for a special occasion, I turned to the trusty NH to check what is good currently. Usually I would head down to a favorite on Hang Be (and I will go there again) but I was swayed by SoViets review of La Badiane. His review pretty much says it all. Yesterday evening we enjoyed a very nice dinner in the crisp, freshly decorated villa after sitting for a pre-dinner drink in the semi-outdoor bar area. The service was good and the chef and the manager attended to see if all was well and to answer some questions.
My companion enjoyed Asparagus and Cauliflower cream soup followed by Gambas Skewers. The soup was accompanied by toasted bread with olive tapenade, which I got to share – yum. I started with Beef Carpaccio, which was superb and followed with the Grilled Lamb. Delicious. And fruit to finish.
Portion size is fine and my Scottish gene, which can be overbearing, is okay with the value.
I will go back. There is more on the menu I want to try and I liked the people and the place.

The New Hanoian, January 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

“Christmas gift”

Just in time for Christmas. Great food, great wine selection, great service, great music, and great location – what more can you want? Treat yourself before everyone knows about it.

The New Hanoian, December 2009 – http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

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